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What's Brewing?

As the spring water here at GYLE 59 has never been used for brewing before, I thought I'd better put it to the only real test that matters. I've made a small test brew of a well tried and tested recipe.  

Here's a picture of the lovely steaming mash -


We have, of course, had a water analysis carried out but there's only so much you can tell from the chemical make up...

So, the brewery smells like a brewery today and the sun's shining. It feels like progress!

The electrician came half way through the brew and seemed to enjoy the malty aromas pervading the room. He had come to make some of the alterations I need doing and will be back next week to finish them off. The new entrance way for deliveries is being created tomorrow. The new entrance will give direct access to a platform outside the malt store which will reduce the amount of lifting and carrying to done. I'm all for a bit of labour saving.

Another day done and time for a well earned beer!