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Handy Borehole

I love this weather. Sun, heat, clear blue skies - bring it on! 

However the water supply, here at the Gyle 59 brewery, is currently coming from a spring that serves not only us, but the residents and farmers on the estate. And, the recent warm weather has highlighted a small problem with the amount of water needed by our successful dairy farming neighbours and what, will be, our competing demands.

Anyway, fear not, we have a solution (forgive the pun). We have a Handy Borehole which will be providing all our brewing liquor needs and won't affect the thirsty cattle one bit. So, all we need is a couple more tanks and a decent 'on demand' pump and we'll be up to our ears in beautiful well water. 

In the meantime, I'd better get this lot into some sort of order...