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A Sting in the Tale

Have you ever eaten a nettle?


I thought not, neither have I.

When we found that The Bottle Inn (Marshwood) was hosting the Nettle Eating World Championship last Saturday evening, we just had to go and check it out.  The pub is the closest pub to the Gyle 59 brewery. And to 'guild the lily' the pub had a beer festival on over the weekend.

The pub was very busy and we were greeted by a sign outside -  

Nettle Eating Poster.JPG

Looks promising. 

Well, the range of beers was great, including some excellent brews from local breweries - The Mighty Hop (Lyme Regis) and Art Brew (Chideock) .

The beer of the evening for me was a Citra from the Great Heck Brewery up in Yorkshire. Not so local, but right tasty!

Anyway, on to the main event -  

Contestants were supplied with 2ft lengths of nettles and were instructed to strip the leaves off each stem and eat as many as they could in an hour. The only rule seemed to be that vomiting led to instant disqualification. Charming! But you kind of see why... 

Here's what the contest looked like: 

Eating Nettles.JPG

The existing record of 38ft (the total length of stems left after stripping and eating the leaves) was smashed, but I haven't seen the 'official' result published yet.

So, we had sun, beer, food and wonderful English eccentricity - fabulous.