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Water, Water Every Where

Gyle 59 now has a reliable water supply, hooray! 

This week has seen two 10,000 litre settling tanks installed and an 'on demand' pump plumbed in and tested. So we have "water, water every where" as the poem says, however, I'm glad to say, we have no shrinking boards and we have plenty to drink. It's a glorious, cool, clear, fresh and (most importantly) potable water supply. For anybody who might be interested in the technical side of this, I'm told we are getting a water pressure of 4 bars. This is a similar pressure to the highest level you are likely to get from your mains water supply at home.

In preparation for this new supply being plumbed in, I sent a sample to the good folk at Brewlab to have a water analysis carried out. To cut a long list of figures and explanations short, the summary was "This means most styles of beer can be brewed..." Now, that's what I like to hear!

We just need to finish off some work to the chiller system for the fermenters, take delivery of our cask washer and we'll be ready to rock and roll. Time to order in the malt, hops and yeast and let the magic start!