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Experimental Brew No. 1

Or, Gyle 59's first brew day.

Saturday, 31st August 2013 - a day to remember and a long one at that!

We had promised ourselves that we would have our first beer in the fermenter by the end of August and we did it, just. The chilly morning started at 7.30am with a quick warm up at the Hot Liquor Tank then the joyous task of brewing began...


Our log burner delivered hot liquor (brewing water) at the right temperature so we soon got the mash going and the brewery started smelling like a brewery at last. The gorgeous aroma of hot malt wafted through the building and out into the beautiful Dorset countryside.

The propane gas burners soon heated the wort (malt infused sugary water) up to boiling point and we added the first batch of hops. The air was soon filled with the scent of aromatic hops.

We added more hops, then more hops and finally more hops. We're not frightened of a bit of flavour here! 

After the results of all this work had been cooled down and pumped into the fermentation vessel we added the yeast and battened down the hatches ready for a few days fermentation.

Then the big clean up started.  Spent grains were left for the local dairy farmer to collect and everything was left clean and gleaming ready for the next brew. It was now 6.00pm and time for a shower.

Not everything went according to plan and we will be making some improvements to the equipment and process, but over all a good days work.  Tired but satisfied we rounded the day off with a trip to the pub with some good friends. What could be better?

Now we just have to be patient and wait for the results.